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Newport Corporation

Franklin Massachusetts Facility

Thin Film Coatings, Filters and Replicated Mirrors


40 Years of Optical Manufacturing Excellence

Newport's Franklin facility has been supplying Corion® brand optical filters since 1967 and replicated mirrors since 1977.  With the acquisition of Spectra-Physics Lasers and Photonics which included the Franklin coating and replication facility, Newport significantly expanded it's thin-film and replication capabilities, broadening the portfolio of technologies that support Newport's leadership as the premier photonics solutions provider.

OEM Filters, Coatings and Replicated Optics

Whether the goal is decoding the human genome, determining distance from tee to pin or monitoring the quality of the air we breathe, Newport filters and replicated mirrors are a key enabler of measurement  and control technology. Our applications experience gives us an unsurpassed capability to serve the needs of OEM customers from design to high-volume production. Our OEM expertise enhances our ability to serve end-users who require custom products as well.

Filters & Coatings Resources
Our products are constructed and tested according to well documented designs and methods. The resources listed below provide an introduction to some of our technologies
Replicated Mirror Resources
  Newport Franklin manufactures high accuracy replicated components that  provide  the ability to put optical surfaces in otherwise inaccessible locations and can help minimize system cost. Learn how we achieve these goals by viewing the resources listed below.

News and Events


Newport Franklin
Newport Franklin's announces the release of its new line of Colored-Glass Alternative Filters read more

Replicated Mirrors
Newport Replicated Mirrors achieves 1 arc second Return Beam Accuracy in monolithic, all metal, retro-reflectors for the FTIR instrumentation marketplace.


Founded in 1969, Newport Corporation is a pioneering single-source solutions provider of laser and photonics components to the leaders in scientific research, life and health sciences, microelectronics, industrial manufacturing, and homeland security markets.
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